After you're done styling, you might want to consider whether you can still wear a 360 Wigs. You worry about whether the hat will affect the life of the wig, whether it will cause distortion, etc. If you have a hat and wig that you really like, but don't know if you can match them together, then this blog will give you the details.

Can You Wear A Wig With A Hat?
Can a hat be worn for a 360 Lace Wig? Our answer: Yes, of course. However, the quality of your wig is required. If the quality of your wig is poor, it is not recommended that you wear a hat while wearing a wig. Because of the poor quality of the wig air permeability is poor, if you continue to wear a hat in the condition of the wig air permeability, this will let the scalp can not breathe, resulting in scalp itching and various skin problems.

It is not easy to be comfortable while wearing both a 360 Lace Front Wigs. While 100% of human hair is very breathable, wearing a hat on a wig for too long can make hair sweaty and even itchy, which doesn't make for a good experience. Your wig may make you feel hot and itchy, even when the weather is cooler in winter. Here's how to comfortably wear a hat while wearing a wig.

1.Adjust wig size
Before wearing a hat, you need to make sure your wig fits snugly on your scalp. You can attach your wig to your scalp by adjusting internal tabs and using auxiliary areas such as wig straps and wig caps.

2. Keep the hat firm
After wearing the wig, make sure your hat is stable enough so that it doesn't wobble when you walk. If you feel the hat is unstable, use a few suitable clips to stabilize the hat on the wig.

3.Suitable size
In the process of wearing wigs and hats, the right size is very important. Especially in the hot summer, the scalp is easier to sweat, the wrong size will cause great damage to the scalp, wearing a wig will make you feel uncomfortable. To ensure that you feel comfortable wearing a wig and hat, we recommend that you buy a wig in the best size for you, choose a hat that can be adjusted as much as possible, or choose one that fits you best as you wear it.

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